HelicopterBall ™ Lietajúca lopta
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HelicopterBall ™ Lietajúca lopta

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☼  Inductive flight ball: There is induction launcher and induction receiver at the bottom of the ball, when you turn on the switch, it will light up brilliantly, the flying ball can feel the objects around it and can move intelligently.
☼ Features: Walks up to 15 feet – Colored LED lights – USB charging – Light weight.
☼ Easy to control: wireless remote control operation – When the ball is in the air, you can press the button on the remote control to decide to turn it on or off. When pressing, make sure that the direction of the indicator light is aligned with the induction area of ​​the ball.
☼ The package includes: Flying Ball × 1, USB charging cable × 1, remote control × 1. Recommended age: over 8 years
☼ Safe: When the child turns on the switch, the ball will be delayed for 3 seconds to fly to ensure safety. When the toy hits things, it will stop automatically to avoid damage. Non-toxic, durable and environmental protection ABS material